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History is a major academic discipline in the College of Arts established in 1955. At Tunghai University, the History undergraduates have to take courses in Chinese, Taiwanese and World ¡§histories¡¨. Within the history courses, students may concentrate either in dynastic or topical histories.

The Master¡¦s Program emphasizes topical research on dynastic histories and comprehensive studies of political, economic, social, intellectual, and diplomatic histories.

The History Deparment has its own library for both undergraduate and graduate students. Its collections amount to thirty-one thousand books and forty important periodicals. Most of the books are recent publications. About half of them are modern and contemporary histories. The library also houses multi-media facilities and computers for students to have access.

University Requirements: 26 credits
Major Requirements: 30 credits
Selectives: 72 credits
Total 128 credits

Major Requirements:
Chinese History (¢¹)¡G4
Chinese History (¢º)¡G4
History of Western World (¢¹): 4
History of Western World (¢º)¡G4
History of Western World (¢¹)¡G4
History of Western World (¢º)¡G4
History of Taiwan (¢¹)¡G3
History of Taiwan (¢º)¡G 3
Introduction to Historiography 2
Chinese Historical Sources 2
Historical Method (¢¹)¡GHistorical Methods 2
Historical Method (¢º)¡GHistorical Theories 2

History of Society And Culture During The Ming-Qing Period
ROC Diplomatic History
Traditional Family and Society in China
History of Political Institutions During The Ming-Qing Perio
Sui and Tang History
Diplomatic History of Late Ching Period
Legal History of China
History of Society and Medicine During the Ming and Qing Dynasties
China Plebeian Life History
Society and Culture of Sung Dynasty
Story of Chinese Women
North Asia National History
History of Sino-German Relations
History of the Ming
Ming Dynasty Cultural History
The Wei, Chin Southern and Northern Dynasties
Society and Culture of Sung Dynasty
China Plebeian Life History
History of the People s Republic of China
Historical Relations between China and Germany
History of Tang Dynasty (755-907)

Western Classical Archaeology and Art History
Japanese History
History of the Renaissance in Europe
Roman Religion
History of Western Museums
Regional History of Ancient Greece
Social and Economic History of Ancient Greece
A History of Ancient Greek Religion
History of Western Christian Civilization
Economic and Social History of Ancient Rome
History of Western Popular Culture
Hellenic History
Ancient Rome
Modern History of Western World
French Cultural History
History of Germany
Cultural History of Japan

Education History of Taiwan
Historical Geography of Taiwan
Urban History of Taiwan
The Christian History in Taiwan
Reading in Source Materials of Taiwan
The Political History in Taiwan
Cultural History of Modern Taiwan
Modern Taiwan and Germany
Readings on Taiwan Historical Documents
History of Taiwan Society
Historical Sites and Relics of Taiwan

The Making of Historical Documentary
Introduction of Archaeology
Making Oral History
Historical Research and Writing
The History of Historiography in Modern European
Western Historiography

Master¡¦s Progam

Requirements: 12 credits
Selectives: 24 credits
Total 36 credits

Methods and Practice 3 credits
Readings in Chinese Historical Materials 3 credits
Thesis 6 credits

Thematic Study of Religion History of Taiwan
Topics on Modern Chinese Social History
History of the Qing Dynasty Special Study
Special Topics on Diplomatic History of Late Ching Period
Special Topics on Diplomatic History of ROC
Monographic Study of the History of Taiwan
History of Southeast Asia- New Horse Chinese
Special Topics in the History of Ming Dynasty.
Special Topics on Diplomatic History of Modern China
Seminar on Source Materials of Taiwan
Ancient documents and Taiwan History Research
Border community case studies in the Qing Dynasty in Taiwan
Special Topics on Diplomatic History of Modern China
Studies in the Social History of Taiwan
Northern History Topics
Monographic Study of Chinese Legal History
Studies in the History of Christianity in Taiwan

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